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At Perfect Pouch Portions, our nutritionist's, chef and team have created the perfect nutritional and portioned meals for bariatric patients and those that want to lose weight.

Delivering frozen meals from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, down to South Australia and every city and town on the East Coast in between. Also some rural areas.

Delivery cost for 15 and 21 meal packs are:
Queensland and Northern NSW $15.00
The rest of NSW and ACT $25.00
Victoria and South Australia $30.00
Our 36 meal packs are delivered free.

Type your postcode into the postcode checker above on this page, to see if delivery is available to your area and the delivery day.

As our business and production capacity grows, we intend to expand our deliveries to other states.


Meal Pack Order Process

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Meal Packs

PPP customises their meal packages to suit seasonal products


15 Meal PaCK


Plus delivery cost.

This meal pack is designed to suit people that require that extra assistance with ensuring mealtimes are not missed.


21 Meal PaCK


Plus delivery cost.

This meal pack suits 3 meals a day for 7 days, giving you the full experience of living your best life.


36 Meal PACK



This meal pack suits families. The small portions are perfect for children also, giving parents a break from cooking.

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At Perfect Pouch Portions our nutritionists, chef and team have designed the prefect nutritional and portioned meals for bariatric patients.

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